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de Rijke / de Rooij
June 28 – July 26, 2003
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 – 5:30 pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 28, 6-8 pm

Regen Projects is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition in the U. S. by Dutch artists, Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij. This exhibition will feature a new 35mm film titled, The Point of Departure as well as nine 16 mm short films out of a series of twelve films called Crystals.

The Point of Departure is a twenty-six minute color film with sound. This film examines an antique carpet and the symbolism held within its abstracted floral pattern. Crystals are one minute color microscope films of growing crystal formations.

In a recent catalogue, Georg Schöllhammer writes:

What Maurizio Lazzarato once called “time crystallization machines,” applies equally to de Rijke and de Rooij’s projection structures: “Here, too, cinema is a machine in which new forms of subjectivisation occur: cinema lets us see motion and time. Thus it lets us see all its syntheses, for it works at image-duration. This representation of vision always happens in time specially set aside. Because of the particular nature of its technological disposition, cinema preserves the distinction between what is real and what is an image, between the actual and virtual.”…The films of de Rijke and de Rooij are about confusing the habitual response to film of an audience that is trained in conventional narrative cinema; we are told that these films project images that very much refer to the history of this genre, with the result that their films are kind of meta-cinema, or, in other words, that as films they are only playing with their status as images projected in time in order to veil the element of structural analysis and any painterly intentions.

(Schöllhammer, Georg, “Framework, Container, Temple: On the Sculptural Displays for the Film Works of Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij,” Jeroen de Rijke & Willem de Rooij: Spaces and Films 1998-2002, published Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven and Villa Arson, Nice, 2003, pp. 40 & 50)

Jeroen de Rijke and Willem de Rooij live and work in Amsterdam. Jeroen de Rijke and WIllem de Rooij both studied at the Rietveld Akademie and then the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. The work of de Rijke and de Rooij has been exhibited in museums throughout Europe. Recent solo exhibitions have been organized by the Van Abbemuseum in Einhoven, the Villa Arson in Nice, the ICA in London, the Kunsthalle Hamburg; The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, the Kunsthaus Glarus, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and the Stadtisches Museum Abteiberg in Monchengladbach. Monographs include Jeroen de Rijke & Willem de Rooij: Spaces and Films 1998-2002 published by the Van Abbemuseum and the Villa Arson, Jeroen de Rijke / Willem de Rooij: After the Hunt published by Lukas & Sternberg in New York for the Frankfurter Kunstverein; and de Rijke / de Rooij: Director's Cut published by The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo.

An opening reception for de Rijke / de Rooij will take place at the gallery on Saturday June 28 from 6-8 pm. For further information, please contact Shaun Caley Regen or Jesse McBride at the gallery at 310-276-5424.