“Smart Objects: Hal Foster on the Art of Rachel Harrison”

Artforum, review by Hal Foster

January 2020

"Critic's Pick: Peas, Socks and Sidewalk-Trash Sculptures: Just Keep Looking"

The New York Times, review by Holland Cotter

November 15, 2019

"Insert Awe Somewhere"

Art in America, article by Lucy Ives

November 2019

"Rachel Harrison by Matt Dillon"

Interview, interview with Matt Dillon and Rachel Harrison

Fall 2019

"The Shape We're In"

The New Yorker, article by Peter Schjeldahl

December 22, 2014

"Questions from an Abstraction Who Reads Diedrich Diederichsen"

essay by Diedrich Diederichsen from Rachel Harrison: Fake Titel


"Rachel Harrison, 'The Help'"

Time Out, article by Howard Halle

May 24 – 30, 2012

"Touch to Begin..."

essay by David Joselit in Rachel Harrison: Museum With Walls


"Monkey House Blessing Potpourri"

essay by Jack Bankowsky from Rachel Harrison: Museum With Walls


"Sculpture In an Abandoned Field"

essay by John Kelsey from Rachel Harrison: If I Did It


"Rachel Harrison at Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, March 23 – April 28, 2001"

DOCUMENTS, article by Helen Molesworth

Fall 2001/Winter 2002